Kenrokuen is one of the three most beautiful gardens in Japan, and also awarded three-star by Michelin guides.
In Kanazawa, you can have valuable experience through the traditional Japanese cultures such as traditional handcrafts of the Kaga yuzen, Kanazawa gold leaf, Kutani porcelain, Mizu-hiki (gift wrapping strings) and Japanese style umbrella, also, traditional performing arts of the Kaga-Housyo style’s Noh and the tea ceremony. Additionally, Kanazawa has a great quality of foodstuffs such as fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan and high quality of Kaga vegetables, too.
 Moreover, there are three teahouse districts including Higashi-Chaya Gai. These teahouse districts still preserve an aspect of the Kanazawa of feudal times. It can be one of the essential moments for your time in Kanazawa.