A traditional building brings the teahouse culture to you today.

Higashi Chayagai, which has been designated a national important district of historical buildings, is a sightseeing spot in Kanazawa where geikos still walk the streets.

Among them, Kaikaro is the largest teahouse. It continues to maintain the traditional custom that is called “ Ichigensan Okotowari” (meaning to “refuse first- time customers”.) You can have special experiences at this precious building that has received a good review from Michelin Guide.

On The inside of the restored teahouse, there are plenty of Japanese cultural things to see such as the glossy Vermillion stairs, the tatami room decorated with Kaga Yuzen kimonos, the golden tea ceremony room, and the Irori salon.
On the first floor, there is the salon with an old timely hearth and antique furniture that are filled with essence of harmony, and many travelers take a rest here to enjoy the sweet taste of Japan. If you visit Kaikaro, you’ll certainly want to try our original dish, Specially- Made Kuzukiri Sweets. Kanazawa no Hana is a popular snack that comes with an order of green tea. Kanazawa no Hana is a popular item that continues to sell out and won the award from The Minister of Foreign Affairs at the 2008 National Snack Exhibition.

Why don’t you come and visit to feel the beauty of Japanese cultures at Kaikaro.

Geiko at Kanazawa
The art of a Geiko in Kanazawa began as far back as Kaga clan era (1820). In Kanazawa, there are about fifty geikos now, and there are three teahouse districts of Higashi, Nishi, and Kazue Street. Each street has its own taste and characteristics, where even the style of dancing or some other performance subtlety varies area by area. More geikos perform at the national level with lustrous kimono and a consummate skill including performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance.
In the beginning of the party, the dance called OZATUKI is performed by the geikos. You will be stuck by the beauty of Japanese culture. After that, the party climaxes with playing peculiar "OZATUKIDAIKO" to Kanazawa.
About”OZATUKIDAIKO” is that the geiko guides, how to perform it, and you can experience the drum play. At Kaikaro, you can have an attractive experience.

A Dinner Party at Kaikaro
Kaikaro serves the excellent cuisine of the Kanazawa. The Master Chef Enomoto who has the qualification of the Meister of Japanese food cooks the dinner at Kaikaro. The dinner is cooked from the food in season with good quality. The varieties of the plates for the dinner are Kutani ware, Wajima lacquer, and Kanazawa gold leaf. You can actually take the traditional craft goods in your hand. Also, the sake brewed with Kanazawa's beautiful water is recommended. Please relax and enjoy this highlight selection of the Japanese traditional dinner at Kaikaro.

About Charge Setting of the Kaikaro
As for the basic charge of the Kaikaro, dinner fee, geikos fee, and a room fee are included. The drink fee is not included in the basic charge, but it can be set too. The charge can be changed depending on the number of customers and geikos. Please inquire details.
10 customers, 3 geikos, dishes
= Per person 28,000yen